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Business Law

Corporate Formation

We handle all aspects of corporate formation.  We pride ourselves in putting our experience to work for small business owners.  From helping you decide what entity is best for you to filing papers with the Secretary of State our goal is to provide you with the legal foundation necessary for you to build your company.

Partnership Agreements

If you're looking to enter into a partnership we can help.  Successful partnerships begin with solid partnership agreements. We both draft partnership agreements and represent individual partners negotiate a partnership deal.

Corporate Disputes

Sometimes a  business deal doesn't work out as planned.  When disputes arise either in a partnership or between corporations our attorneys can make sure your interest is protected. Whether through litigation, mediation, or negotiation - Leone, Throwe, Teller & Nagle prides itself on offering practical and cost effective solutions.

Personal Asset Protection

Over zealous plaintiffs sometimes sue members of a corporation in search of a deep pocket. Leone, Throwe, Teller & Nagle has experience defending against such claims.  However, protecting what you've worked hard for doesn't begin with defending against a lawsuit it begins with properly setting up and managing your company.


From filing suit to perfecting liens we handle all aspects of a collection. We have extensive experience filing prejudgment remedies and attaching any assets a debtor may have.


Family Law


Divorce is never easy. Studies show it's one of the most stressful experiences of a persons life. At Leone, Throwe, Teller & Nagle we understand that.  From prompt responses to your calls and emails to flexible fee arrangements - our divorce practice is client centered.  It's about carefully listening to your concerns and working with you to find solutions to your problems.

Child Custody

We understand that children matter to parents. Child custody and visitation often present some of the most challenging problems in our legal system today. We help parents make sure their children are safe and properly cared for.

Prenuptial Agreements

Most people don't want to think about divorce before even getting married. That's why we're here. We draft and represent parties entering into prenuptial agreements.


Thinking about adopting? We handle step-parent and grandparent adoptions. We're there for you from filing the necessary paperwork  to watching your child receive his or her certificate of adoption.

Amicable Divorce and Document Preparation

You've agreed to go your separate ways. You have a basic idea of how you want to divide your property but you want a lawyer to draft your agreement.  Many people feel overwhelmed by a divorce.  Having a lawyer prepare your documents can save you both money and stress.

Post Judgment Proceedings

Things change.  Sometimes it's a job relocation. Sometimes it's your financial situation. Sometimes your ex-spouse doesn't live up to his or her end of the bargain. Whatever the reason, Leone, Throwe, Teller & Nagle is here to help. We have experience handling modifications and contempt motions.

Guardianships Of Persons With Developmental Disabilities

When a person with a developmental disability turns 18 parents may wish to file for a guardianship for a person with mental retardation. Our attorneys have experience both filing applications and representing persons with developmental disabilities.


Real Estate

Buying Or Selling A Home?

Start with us. We're often asked when should a someone looking to buy or sell a home hire an attorney? The answer for a buyer is when you start looking. The answer from a seller is before you put your home on the market.  At Leone, Throwe, Teller & Nagle we can assist you from contract to closing.  Before you sign a contract, come see us. We'll review it.  The only thing we don't do is help you move.

Real Estate Litigation

Sometimes fences make for great neighbors. Sometimes they don't. We can help you with boundary disputes, adverse possession, partition actions, and represent you when someone is creating a nuisance that is impacting your property.  When we handle closings, sometimes contract disputes arise. We're prepared to litigate those disputes to protect your rights.

Commercial Real Estate

Are you looking to purchase property for your business? Commercial real estate transactions often involve very complicated issues from financing to environmental and zoning concerns. We can help you grow your business by handling your purchase or sale of commercial real estate.

Zoning and Land Use

The value of your property is determined in part on what it can be used for.  We not only handle zoning applications but if a commission denies your application we're prepared to take the appeal. Are you looking to subdivide your property? We have experience handling subdivisions of all sizes.


Personal Injury

Injured In A Car Accident?

You won't see our faces on the back of a bus. This we promise.  We do however represent injured people. We deal with insurance companies so you don't have to.  From settlement to trial we'll work to make sure you're compensated for you injuries.

Dog and Cat Bites

At Leone, Throwe, Teller & Nagle we're pet owners. We understand responsible pet ownership. We also understand that some pet owners aren't responsible. Sometimes pets cause significant injuries to innocent people. We can handle your claim.

Premises Liability

Falls are no laughing matter. They often result in significant injuries. Here in Connecticut falls are too often caused by someone not properly removing snow or ice from their property. Leone, Throwe, Teller & Nagle has experience handling slip and fall cases.

Injuries To Cyclists And Runners

Our attorneys enjoy outdoor recreation. Especially running and cycling. Whether we're running or cycling we're well aware of the dangers of negligent drivers.  We see drivers eating, drinking, and texting when they should be paying attention to the road. As lawyers, we know Connecticut law affords significant rights to pedestrians, bicyclists and runners. If you or a loved one is injured while enjoying the outdoors - call us.  We fully recommend that all runners and cyclists purchase a Road ID. We care. Even when drivers don't.


Criminal Law






Estate Administration

We handle estates both large and small.  We understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult and that administering an estate can seem overwhelming.  Leone, Throwe, Teller & Nagle employs a full-time paralegal to assist in the administration of estates.


At Leone, Throwe, Teller & Nagle we deal with all aspects of conservatorships. We've brought conservatorship applications on behalf of concerned loved ones. We've defended conservatorship applications and helped people retain their freedom.  We've also served as conservators for the estate of conserved persons.  Handling all aspects of conservatorships allows us a unique perspective to counsel clients at any stage of a conservatorship.


We're here for you whether it's challenging a will or simply making sure that heirs get what they're entitled to.  The probate process can seem confusing and we're here to make sure that your rights are protected.




Trusts are useful instruments to hold, transfer, and protect assets. From making sure your children are looked after to avoiding probate we'll help you decide if a trust best suits your needs.

Elder Law

Elder Law

At Leone, Throwe, Teller and Nagle we pride ourselves on helping individuals preserve their dignity and independence as they age.  We will explain options to you in a manner that you'll understand. Your questions are always welcome and we're always here to listen.  From estate plans to housing decisions, we're here for you.

Living Wills

As medical decisions get more complicated, living wills become more important. Executing a living will makes your wishes known to your family and doctors.  Executing a living will may also save your family from an expensive and stressful conservatorship proceeding.  Whatever your age it's important to consider executing a living will. We're here to see that your wishes are followed and respected.




We represent both landlords and tenants in both commercial and residential eviction proceedings.  Having experience representing both landlords and tenants gives us unique insight into eviction proceedings.

Tenants Rights

In order to evict a tenant a landlord must follow the law. Sometimes, landlords take matters into their own hands. We have experience representing tenants when landlords act illegally. From wrongful lockouts to property destruction we're prepared to litigate your claim.


We draft both residential and commercial leases.  All too often we see landlords buy leases from a big box store. Unfortunately these leases often impose obligations on landlords that are not required by Connecticut law. An eviction is not the time to find out that you're using the wrong lease. Contact us and we'll work with you.


Workers Compensation


We represent people injured at work.  We represent workers who have suffered catastrophic work related injuries including death and dismemberment.  No matter what you're injury, we're here to help. We don't shy away from taking difficult cases.